Happy Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend🎂Best Romantic Messages


Are you need Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend? For this, you need Best Romantic Messages or wishes. Because A boyfriend is a male friend or acquaintance, often specifying a regular male companion with whom one is platonic, romantically involved. This is normally a short-term committed relationship, where other titles are more commonly used for long-term committed relationships. – By Wikipedia In this article, we collect and share 250+ Happy Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend.

250+ Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend

I’m so thankful to have a boyfriend that’s as warm, compassionate, and understanding as you are to me. Happy birthday to the man I love!


You never bothered me about my past telling me that is all behind us and that you only look forward to today and to tomorrow and that is enough, happy birthday, boyfriend.


Happy birthday to my handsome man!! The most beautiful time was in my life is meeting you. I will always remember the moment we met. I love you so much.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend
Happy Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend

I am making your B.day sweeter by coating me on it. For the world, you maybe 1 man but for me, you are my world. Happy Birthday wishes to my boyfriend!!


I’m so glad you came into the world, and I’m even more glad you came into my world. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.


Happy Birthday to the guy who has been always my heartbeat, not my heartbreak. Stay Happy always!!


There is nothing cozier than cuddling up to a nice warm fire on a cold snowy day. Well… unless it’s cuddling up to you on your Birthday my love.


It’s only the 3rd birthday celebration that we have together this year, and I’m already looking forward to more. Happy birthday, my dear boyfriend.


Happy birthday to a special person who is bringing so much joy to my heart. I am thankful for every moment we spend together, and I wish our happiness never ends.


Honey, You Bring Out The Best And The Worst In Me. Sparking Up Emotions I Never Knew I Had. Only You Have That Effect On Me. Happy Birthday.


Two hearts together – one true love forever! Happy Birthday, to the Love of my Life.


Happy birthday to my special man! Meeting you was the most wonderful thing that has happened to me in life!

I’m truly blessed to have a boyfriend who is such a compassionate, understanding, and warm human being. Happy birthday to you, my love! May this day bring so much happiness in your life!


Happy birthday, lover boy! I’m so happy that I get to spend every special moment of your special day with you, the most special person in my life.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend
Happy Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend

Excited with so many balloons, gifts, cakes and many other things in front of you right now? They are all for you my love… but do not get so excited that you forget about me who is waiting outside the door to give you a tight hug. Have a happy birthday my love.


You light up my world with your smiles. Happy birthday, love!


Your Arms are like my home, where I get the peace and strength to live. Happy Birthday to the person who is full of comforts.


To the love of my life; happy birthday, my only one. Wishing you all the blessings befitting of your new age.


Your love is like a solid, unchanging rock. Thank you for always being there for me. Today, on your birthday, I want to let you know how very special you are to me. Happy sweet birthday I love you, Boy!


May your day be as amazing as you are and I hope all of your wishes come true not just today, but every day.


Each kiss I give you represents the many reasons why I love you. Happy birthday, baby!

Happy Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend
Happy Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend

Screaming Happy Birthday to my boyfriend!!! It’s your day Enjoy!!!

Happy birthday my love! You are the love of my life and the best boyfriend ever.


Happy Birthday, my love! May your day be super bright and super special!


May the kisses I blow your way turn into a thousand dancing wishes that settle gently, one by one, upon your birthday; little gifts of love for you, the precious man of mine.


No one can ever compare the love that you make me feel and that is why I love you because you make me feel something new, I hope you have a nice birthday today.


Dear Boyfriend, I’ve never met such a hard-working boyfriend. You put in long hard hours on the sofa and give so much of your efforts in sports watching. Keep up the good work, babe. Wishing you a happy birthday.


I know that I can be hormonal, but after being your girlfriend, I’m convinced of the possibility that u 2 have a visit from mother nature every month. Happy Birthday, Boy.


One day a year isn’t enough to celebrate someone as special as you.


 I’m the luckiest girl in the world as I have a boyfriend like you and the same you are the luckiest guy who has a girlfriend like me. Happy Birthday, dear!!

Happy Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend
Happy Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend

My love grows stronger for you as each year passes by, so on your Birthday lets take precious time out for you and make your Birthday a happy one!


Don’t keep saying that you’re old now – even if you do grow old, I’ll be by your side celebrating each and every birthday with you. Happy birthday my dear.


May this day be as sunny as your smile, and as beautiful as you are. You shine every day, but on this day you will shine the brightest. Happy Birthday.


Sit Back And Let Me Work My Magic. This Is Going To Be The Best Birthday Ever.


With every candle, a pleasure with every slice of the candle, a song inside my panties, A treasure you can look for it all night long & Happy Birthday dear


The warmest birthday wishes to my adorable boyfriend! I feel so happy when you are next to me, honey, I wish you the most amazing special day that you will always remember!


My love, I admire a lot of things about you. Your charm, your dashing look, and your sense of humor! Above all, I appreciate your sense of compassion. Thank you so much for being such an amazing boyfriend to me. Happy birthday!


You’ve definitely proven that you’re boyfriend material. You’re kind, loving, gentle. Happy birthday, sweety!

Happy Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend
Happy Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend

 Holding your hand when we are walking on the street, just whispering something sweet in your ears or when I hug you, all my sorrows just vanish. Thank you so much for being part of my life and making it really beautiful. Happy birthday my baby.


You are my knight in shining armor, the peanut butter to my jelly, and the man of my dreams. Happy birthday!


Today is the day of your Birthday! May your year goes happy an in love my dear!!! Happy Birthday my future!!


Your heart is as broad as the sky serving me the dishes of love till I’m full. Happy birthday, my darling. Wishing you the best of this new calendar.


I admire so many things about you. Your dashing good looks, your charm, your sense of humor, but most of all your compassion. Thank you for being such an amazing boyfriend. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!


I wish you success in everything you do. You are strong-willed and not afraid of a challenge. Use that to your advantage.


I could write a thousand words in this card and still not come close to describing my love for you. Thank you for completing my world. Have a great birthday


 Happy birthday, boyfriend! I hope you have a great day! I can’t wait to see you in a couple of months.


I am so blessed to have met you and to know you. You really make my life worthwhile. I love you, baby.


 One tree can start a forest, One smile can make a friend, One touch can show us love and care, And you make my life worth living, dear!

Happy Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend
Happy Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend

 No other man has ever loved me like you. You deserve all the love in the world for your birthday.


There is no one else I would wish to be with forever than you because you are my greatest love, the one person who holds my heart right now.


Today your birthday and one of the special day in my life. Today I want to give so warm hugs and hot kisses but most important is I want to say you I love you when I look at your eyes with love. Happy birthday, I love you so much.


I might annoy u, fight with u, argue u and cancel the plan last minute. But know that none makes me feel home-like u do. This birthday, I just want to thank u for being u! Happy birthday, love!


There’s a birthday party in my pants, and you’re the guest of honor.


Happy birthday to the smartest guy to whom every girl wants to be her boyfriend. Happy Birthday, honey!!


This greeting is for my night in shining armor. You protect me, you love me. For I am your Princess here to wish you a Happy and beloved Birthday.


To my dearest boyfriend, happy birthday! I hope that your birthday this year brings you everything that you ever wanted.


I have never met a person who is as sweet as you are. On this day, we celebrate your sweetness by eating a sweet cake and drinking some sweet wine.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend
Happy Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend

364 Days A Year, You Treat Me Like A Queen. It’s Your Turn To Receive The Royal Treatment. It’s Long Overdue. Have A Wonderful Birthday.


It is difficult to buy a gift for you, sweetheart. Because I want to buy you the entire world for you. Wish you a very happy and sweet birthday.


Sending you the ocean of love on your special day, sweetheart! May your bday be as cool and cheerful as you are!


Being in a relationship with a person like you is truly life changing. On your birthday, I just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how incredibly blessed I am to be your girlfriend. Happy birthday, my love! Please know I will be here to support you.


I can’t be with you on your birthday, so I’m sending you all the hugs, kisses and love in my heart for all the time. I regret that I’m not with you at your birthday party.


 Hello my darling, I am sending you this message just to let you know that you are the most special person in my life. I cannot imagine spending even a single day without you. I am in love with you, so deeply that I have never fell in love with anyone in the past. Wish you a happy birthday and wish you get all the best you wanted.


I hope your birthday is as wonderful and as special as a boyfriend as you are. Have a great day, honey.


My dear boyfriend: I know you love to stunt in front of your friends. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone that you’re really a mommy’s boy. Happy Birthday!


Step by step into your world of bliss and abundance. All year long and for a lifetime shall you bask in the luxury of prosperity. Happy birthday, my love.


Don’t say “no” to new opportunities, even though they may scare you. Greet them with excitement and proceed with ease. You will learn along the way.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend
Happy Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend

I feel so blessed you came into my life and continue to make me happier than I ever imagined I could be. Have a wonderful Birthday!


Happy birthday, boyfriend! Love you have an awesome fantabulous day!


I’m sending you a warm hug and a lot of kisses on your birthday. Near or far you are always on my mind. I love you, sweetheart.


 I hope that your Birthday is beautiful, wonderful, and full of love…just like you! Celebrate! You deserve the best.


The angels were sad to see their baby boy leave heaven on the day you were born, but I’ve rejoiced since the moment I met you. Have a beautiful birthday.


Happy birthday to you, my dear, I wish that you would realize that this heart of mine beats for you and only you and that it will always be that way.


I’m so excited to be with you for your birthday this year. Here’s to making sure the upcoming year is filled with fun, love, and romance together. I can’t wait for all of the wonderful times the next year will bring us.


When u are busy reading ur birthday messages let me cover ur face with kisses. Happy Birthday, Boyfriend!!


I wanted to give you all my love for your birthday, but there’s no box big enough to hold it. Besides, it’s already yours.


Every guy should learn from you how they can be a very good and caring boyfriend. Thank you for being in my life. Happy Birthday dear…may you live long!!


Happy Birthday! To my boyfriend who holds my hand firm but gentle, who listens to me day or night, and lets me know everything is going to be all right.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend
Happy Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend

You may not have been very lovable at all times, but I still love you very much! Happiest of birthday wishes to you, my dearest boyfriend!


You are the reason I smile every day. Our passion will never go away, and or love will shine brightest on this special day. I love you.


It’s Your Birthday! Birthday Kisses And Hugs For You To Warm Your Heart On This Incredibly Special Occasion.


For the most handsome boyfriend in the universe, I hope your birthday is all you could ever want. With love and devotion, always, your very happy girlfriend.


Happy birthday to the most special person in my life! You make my world complete, darling.


There are definitely no words that can describe the love that we have for each other. I am incredibly thankful for all that you do for me. Happy birthday!


May every second of your life become brighten as the sun. Happy birthday, dear friend.


I have already expressed my true love for you. In fact, I did that many times, but I feel like telling it again and again. Your special day, your birthday is giving me another chance to express my true love for you. I love you so much, darling. Have a great birthday dear.


On your birthday, I promise to treat you like a king. Love, your queen.


 Happy Birthday, handsome! I wish you life, full of great achievements, excitement, and adventures!

Happy Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend
Happy Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend

Wishes won’t do but they’ll make a great difference. Blessed be your endeavors this year, my love. Happy birthday to you.


There are no words I could use to describe the love we share. I’m so incredibly thankful for you. Happy Birthday to my one-of-a-kind guy!


You make smart choices 99.9% of the time, but if you ever get the urge to be wild, think before you act. There can be consequences.


Cold nights spent with you are the most romantic. Happy birthday to my cuddle partner.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to MY Boyfriend. Miss you and Love You Lots! Have a great and Blessed Day.


You are the one that makes me happy when I’m sad. You pick me up when I’m down. You stick with me no matter what. Happy birthday!


 Happy Birthday, my angel! If I could, I would write it across the sky so that everyone could see it and know that you are truly loved!


Girls look your way when you walk in the room; I’m ecstatic to be the one to make your heart boom. Let’s go set off some fireworks for your birthday.


Even after a long time together, you have not changed and I still love the way your eyes would wrinkle at the sides whenever you smile, happy birthday!


You are lighting up to my front like a moon when I covered myself with black, you are lighting up to my front like a sun when I searched my road with fear. You have added joy, laugh and light to my life. I love you so much. Happy birthday the boyfriend who has the warmest heart around me.


Happy Birthday to the cutest and best boyfriend without whom I can never imagine my life full of so much love and happiness!


Happy Birthday to someone who’s twice as sweet as any birthday cake.

Best Romantic Messages
Best Romantic Messages

Your hugs are my blankets in the cold nights and your kisses are like the cool breeze for my summer nights. Happy Birthday, dear!!


Happy Birthday to the man who has always been there for me. Whether rain or shine, I’m so happy and great full that I can call you mine.


I can’t help but feel excited every time this day of the year comes around. I love having you around, and I love seeing the happy smile on your face when you see what I have in store for you. Happy birthday, baby.


Thanks for all the memories you’ve given to me. No matter how old we get, and how many more birthdays we celebrate, I will always be here for you. Happy Birthday.


Our Love Is The Gravity That Keeps Us From Drifting Apart. It’s The Glue That Keeps Us Closer Than Ever. From My Heart To Yours, Happy Birthday.


Every second, my love for you grows. By the time you finish reading this message, my love for you will be tenfold. Happy birthday, my love!


Birthday greetings to the joy and the love of my life! Wishing you the most amazing and unforgettable special day!


My boyfriend, you stood out from all the other guys I have ever dated in my life and I could not be thankful for choosing me to be your girlfriend. Happy birthday to you! Please know that I love you with all my heart and soul.


Every day is beautiful in my life as you are my best friend. Happy birthday my besty!


 You have given me the most special moments in my life, which can never be replaced with anything else. On this special day of your birthday, I am sending you warm wishes and loads of love. Happy birthday my love.


Thank you for all the love, care and beautiful memories that you have given me. I am so lucky to be your girl. Have an amazing day!


 You might hope to change many things in your life. But I hope you will never wish to live life without me by your side. Happy Birthday


Happy birthday to the lover of my life. I do wish you many happy returns of love, favor, grace, wealth and joy.


You stand out head-and-shoulders above anyone I’ve ever dated. I’m so excited to be in a relationship with you. Happy Birthday to the man I love with all my heart!


Don’t dwell on your mistakes, focus on what you can do next time to prevent them. There is always a lesson learned when you make a mistake.


I treasure the moments we share and the love that we have. I pray that our fire never burns out. Wishing you a happy birthday.


Happy Birthday to my wonderful and handsome boyfriend! Love you to the moon and back! and a handsome boyfriend! Love you to the moon and back!


Wishing you a day filled with happiness, love, and romance. Happy birthday, boyfriend!

Best Romantic Messages
Best Romantic Messages

Darling, you are a wonderful bloom in a beautiful garden where only true love grows! Wishing you a brilliant Birthday!


I don’t know how you do it! Every year, you look more handsome than the one before. Looking into your eyes makes me explode with joy. Have a happy birthday.


You deserve an award for being the best boyfriend ever in the world, I hope you are blessed on your birthday today, keep on being that way.


Happy birthday to the biggest treasure in my life! I am so proud and happy to have such a strong, generous and charming boyfriend. Wishing you the most wonderful moments and emotions on your special day!


The most loving birthday wishes to my amazing boyfriend, who is always there for me, who listens to me and calms me.


You make every day feel like my birthday, except I don’t need to blow out any candles because my wish already came true.


Happy birthday to the one whom I love the most and whose smiles are the reason I live on. Thanks for make my life so happy. Happy Birthday, honey!!


When it comes to holding an adorable puppy it reminds me of when I hold you. You give me that warm fuzzy feeling. Happy Birthday!


I can’t think if a birthday wishes for you that’s sweet enough, but I want to wish you all the same! Happy birthday my dearest baby. I love you.


You are the gift in my life, and on your special day, I give you the gift of my love. Take it with open arms, and embrace my hug.


Every Day, I Reflect On Our Love And How Happy I Am With You. Even The Darkest Moments Are Made Bright At The Thought Of You. Happy Birthday, My Boyfriend.

Best Romantic Messages
Best Romantic Messages

May God bless you with a successful life, good health, and warm wishes to make your day even more special? So enjoy and have a blast!


Happy bday to the hottest and the most cheerful on the planet! May your day be extremely fun and exciting!


I love you so much, my sweetheart. You fill my world with pleasure, excitement, and joy. Happiest birthday to the best guy in the universe!


Happy Birthday to the sweetest person I know on earth! Have an awesome day and stay blessed. Happy birthday, boy!


I always thought of having a life partner to whom I can share everything that is in my heart. God has finally made my dream come true and he has sent you for me. I finally have you in my life and I am not going to let you go. Have a happy birthday.


Do you know who I love the most in this world? You! Yes, you! I wish you the happiest birthday my love.


 I will never draw a heart around you. I will only draw a circle. Heartbreaks but circle is forever. A very Happy Birthday my BF


Meeting you was ordained. Hence, loving you is blissful. Happy birthday, my darling. I wish you all that you wish yourself and so much more.


I love you so much. You fill my world with excitement, pleasure, and joy. Happy Birthday to the best guy in the world!


You’re a person who is very set in their ways, but I hope you will be courageous enough to try something new, even if it’s food.


I’m seeing roses and butterflies with you next to me. Hold me close and never let go. I want to make this an amazing birthday.

Best Romantic Messages
Best Romantic Messages

Happy Birthday to my amazing, perfect for all ways boyfriend! I love you, I’m So happy to be back home with you.


My world revolves around you. Happy birthday my love!


This message has no fat, no cholesterol and no addictive. This is all-natural except… with a lot of honey! But it can never be as sweet as the one reading it! Happy Birthday, sweetheart.


I know you’re shy, but you’re my Number One Guy, so I hope you’ll enjoy the birthday party I’m throwing for you.


You are my one and only Superman, my cosmic Spiderman, ultra-strong Ironman, my whole justice league. Happy birthday, my love. In plain English, you are my hero!


This word doesn’t enough to mean my love to you. Just is a little water drop on a very big ocean. Dear boyfriend, I want to wish you have a year and a day like you wanted. I want to you know that whatever you live, I will be always by side you. Happy birthday, I love you so much.


I started dating u because I thought that u were a good looking catch. Now my thoughts have changed, and I think that we are the perfect match. Happy birthday to him.


Were you really born on this day? Or did you just fly down from heaven as the beautiful angel you are?


 Falling in love with you is much more beautiful than any other fall I have ever felt. Happy Birthday, dear!!


On your Birthday I thought about putting just one candle on your cake, symbolizing that you are truly a one of a kind for me.


The best birthday wishes for such an amazing boyfriend need to come deep down from my heart, and so to you I say, happy birthday my beloved. I wish that I could give you everything that you ever wanted!


Happy Birthday to my dearest friend and lover. Thank you for bringing happiness into my life. I love you with all my heart, and my feelings for you grow stronger with every day.


Whenever I Close My Eyes To Remember About You, I Always Open My Eye Hoping To See You. Happy Birthday.


On this beautiful day new By no words can be expressed, The way I feel about you, I know my life is blessed!


When you hold me, I feel like I am home, so safe and warm inside. Happy birthday to the man that I love with all my heart!


You certainly have all the qualities that a girl would want for a boyfriend. You are funny, smart, strong, handsome, and sweet! Happy birthday to you, my perfect boyfriend! Please stay as awesome as you already are!


Life with you is a dream come true for me! On your birthday I want to thank you for being the best lover and boyfriend ever in my life!


I was actually looking for a special gift for you my love. But whenever I picked up something amazing, I felt that this gift is definitely small when compared to the gift that you gave me. The gift of your life. You have gifted me your life and that is the best thing I can have in my life. Happy birthday, dear.


It’s your birthday sweetheart! Let’s cuddle up!


I haven’t found A Guy like you. Who is Cleaver, Handsome fully sorted? Who knows life. With all its highs and lows You are Man of my life I hope you are always mine Have your Birthday super fine.


It’s your birthday today, my darling. May the heavens excite you with pleasant surprises. To the moon and back, I love you.


When it comes to boyfriends, you have it all. You’re handsome, smart, funny, strong, and incredibly sweet. May you have a birthday that’s as awesome as you are!


You have so much to offer to this world. Step out of your comfort zone and let people know the charismatic and silly man I’ve grown to love.


I’m always looking for reasons to shower you with love. Today is no exception.


 I’d like to wish a beautiful and lovely Happy Birthday to the prince in my life!


Not only are you an amazing boyfriend, but you are also my mentor, my guide and my number one supporter. I love you, babe.


Dance as though no one is watching you, Love as though you have never loved before, Sing as though no one can hear you, Live as though heaven is on earth! I wish you a very warm and Happy Birthday!


I love your bold heart, your rippling muscles, and most of all, your sweet personality.


To the luckiest man in the world (because you have an awesome girlfriend – ME), happy birthday to my boyfriend! I love you even when you are annoying.


Happy Birthday to the person who is the most important and most special for me. We have completed our dreams and we will continue. We are like half of the apple. I don’t know even that what will happen without you. We will be together as long as our love continues. I love you so much. Happy birthday, darling.


Happy birthday to the man who rocks my world, I love you so much, baby!


I love you on your birthday, and every day, now and forever.


I thought you are a good looking catch but we are a match . Happy Birthday Handsome!!


For your Birthday I got the balloons, the cake, the streamers. But most of all I brought you something that didn’t cost me a thing. My Love! Happy Birthday!


Your happiness is my happiness, but our happiness together makes up the most amazing love story that will ever exist. It’s painfully plain, but it’s something that will always be there. Happy birthday my dear.


I am the luckiest person on Earth because I have the most wonderful person by my side. Thank you for being my rock, Happy Birthday my sweet pie.


The World Might Be Lonely And Boring If I Did Not Have You In My Life To Share Everything. Happy Birthday.


My love for you is bigger than the sky and deeper than the ocean. It is out of this world & my favorite thing in the world. Happy Birthday.


Once I saw a shooting star and made a wish. My wish came true when I have met you. Happy birthday to you, my love!.


My boyfriend, when you first came to my life, I know right then that you are the person that I want to love. We have so much in common and I couldn’t be thankful to God for giving you to me. Happy birthday!


When it comes to love, you’re the expert in that. You truly know how to make a woman feel special. May your Birthday be as amazing as you are!


I always keep thanking God for sending such a sweet person into my life. Today on this special occasion, I would like to thank you also for being the love of my life. You are not just my best friend but also that special friend with whom I cannot live. I am just waiting to be your bride. Happy birthday my love.


My love is only for you, my eyes search only for you, and my heart is beating only for you. Happy birthday, babe!


Happy Birthday wishes to my Boyfriend… Who is my king of dreams? Who is the reason of all smiles? And happiness Who make my life worthy…


Waters from the rock, blessings from the clouds shall break out into your world. Happy birthday, sweet love.


When we first met, I knew we had a lot in common. After all this time together, I continue to find more and more reasons that we just belong together. Today on your special day I want to thank you for being the one who completes me!


Go outside of what you know! There’s a whole world waiting to be explored by you! Travel when you can, even if it’s day trips or weekends away.


When two hearts are meant to be together, no distance can ever be big enough to separate them. I really love you. Happy Birthday!


 For the greatest looking beau in the universe, I trust your birthday is whatever you would ever need. With affection and dedication, forever, your exceptionally happy sweetheart.


You are the best thing in my life. Thank you for being such a wonderful boyfriend.


From all the stars that you see at night, I’d name one star after you. And that’s my Birthday gift to you which can never get erased from this world. With lots of love, your —


Having a boyfriend as sweet, kind, and enchanting as you are is the fulfillment of my wildest dreams. Happy Birthday my lover boy!


Happy birthday to the best chef ever! You know I am being sarcastic, right? I still love you, don’t worry.


I am sending you tons of love on your birthday, may this birthday is as cool and awesome as you are! Happy birthday, darling!


You are my home away from home! U are my lifeline. I love u boy, like a crazy lovely girlfriend. U have driven me crazy. Happy birthday!


I didn’t know what to get you for your birthday. How about my whole heart?


Your smile is the remedy that can cure me of every disease. Happy Birthday, honey!!


When there is a fire most call the fire department, I call you instead! Even though you are the one who started the spark! “Now put out those candles on the cake!


I’ll admit it – it’s a little difficult to choose a gift for you because I didn’t even want to get you one. I’m your girlfriend and I’m already the greatest gift that you can ever get! Happy birthday to you my love.


Happy birthday, boyfriend! God knew you since before you were born and had big plans. I think he still has many more for you. I want to wish you a happy birthday, my love.


 May every path be smooth for you, May every corner bring you happy surprises,  May every day put a smile on your face, May every friend bring you price and joy, May you get whatever you always wished for, And may you never forget Me! Warm wishes for a Happy Birthday to you!


Fate may have brought us together but is perseverance, genuine love and care that kept us together. I’m so grateful that we are together my dear. I love you, and happy birthday.


It hasn’t always been easy making a choice of what to gift you because you want everything, but at least I know that I have done my best. Happy birthday!


You are the hottest guy at school! Thank you for being my partner in crime as we navigate the world together. Happy Birthday!


The best thing in the world is getting to celebrate the birthday of the one you love. I m so luckily that I can call you mine. Happy Birthday.


I am not in a relationship with you because I don’t want to be single. I am in a relationship with you because… I truly need to and want to be with you. Happy birthday, darling.


To the man who has been my best friend for years, my partner in crime, and the love of my life, happy birthday! I am glad that I am with you today. I love you!


I couldn’t afford a car for your birthday, but when it comes to boyfriends, you are a Cadillac.


Your sweet face and your strong arms drive me wild. Your love makes my world go round. Happy birthday my boyfriend.


Happy Birthday, Babe! So grateful to have such a fun, loving, caring and awesome boyfriend in my life! God bless you with many more years!! Can’t wait to celebrate tonight!! Love you lots.


I was weak, lost and broken before, But everything changed the moment I met you. Thanks for everything, dear. Happy Birthday!


Work hard and save for the future. I know you have big dreams and want to attain them by yourself, so save up and it will all pay off.

You’re such an amazing man. I don’t know how you manage to always know the right thing to say. Thank you for all the love you show me every day. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!


 On your birthday I am sending you a wish wrapped with love! It’s a dream of each girl to have a boyfriend like you!


Please tell your Mom that we might not see eye to eye but I am grateful to her that she brought you to this world.


I can call you my better half and also the worse half because it is with you I can fight, smile, laugh, cry and do whatever I feel like doing. Whatever half you are, I just want to tell you that you are that half of my life who makes me complete.


You are the only one with I feel comfortable and want to spend my whole life with you. On your birthday, I want to disclose that I am so much happy with you.


When we met, I knew right then that you’re the man I’m going to love. I was even amazed when I found out that we share so many interests in life. Happy birthday my love! Thank you for everything that you do for me. You really complete me.


On your special day, I wish to thank you for supporting and encouraging me, for making me laugh and feel loved. Happy Birthday


I don’t know about yours, but my birthday wish has already come true – and that is dating a guy as handsome as you. Happy birthday.


All The Boys In The World Should Learn From You, How A Boyfriend Should Be. You Are The Best Boyfriend. I Love You. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!!


 just want you to know how thankful I am for your company with me in the past months and years that we have been together. You have been an amazing boyfriend to me. Happy birthday, my dear.


 Today is a day for celebration! It’s your birthday, and I wish nothing but the best for someone who has been around with me for so long. I love you so very much!


It has only been a short time since we started seeing each other, but I cannot imagine my life without you. Here’s to this birthday and the ones to come.


 I don’t like to hear myself as your girlfriend because I’m not a girl who is your friend but I love to hear you girl. Happy Birthday, Darling!!


Your life began on this day. My life began the day I met you. I’m so glad both days happened. Happy Birthday, darling.


For your birthday, I want to give you cuddles and soft kisses under the stars, but most of all I want u to know how happy I m to be ur girl. A very very Happy Birthday!


I am yours and you are mine. Every birthday this birthday is also special and you will see how! I am just waiting for tomorrow morning and you will get a huge surprise.


You could have been someone else’s guy but you’ve fallen in love with me, and I’m thankful for that every day. I love you, baby. Have a great birthday!!


You fill my heart with laughter and joy. You fill the emptiness in my soul. Happy birthday to my boyfriend!


I am so eager to go through the day with you! Happy Birthday!


Even a Monday feels like a Sunday when I am with you. Yeah, you have that effect on me. Happy Birthday my love!


Keep on collecting your guns, fishing, and snowboarding! Never give up on the things that make you smile, but, open yourself up to new hobbies. You never know what else you could love doing.


 Each day we spend together makes me more and more sure that you’re the right one for me. May your birthday be filled with laughter and love.


One more lovely occasion is waiting on our way, So let us celebrate your special day!


Men should learn from you. You might be tough on the surface but you are sweet, soft and sugary deep down inside. Happy birthday, boyfriend!


When I think of writing a song, you become its lyrics. When I plan to write a story, you become the most interesting lines and inspiration for my story. Whatever I do is all because of you and you make my life flawless. I always feel lucky to have you in my life. Have a happy birthday darling.


Congrats you have become eligible to get engage in love with me. Happy birthday, have an amazing birthday party.


Having a boyfriend who is as sweet, kind, and caring as you is truly a fulfillment of my wildest dreams! Happy birthday to you, the man of my dreams!


Only special people receive special birthday wishes from me. And you have always been that special one. Happy Birthday to the sexiest boyfriend ever!


Whenever you are anywhere I want to stay with you. You are my world and I want to do a world tour. Happy Birthday My cute BF. Let’s pass a one of world tour together.


You Are The Person Who Always Holds My Hand Gently, Who Listen To My Voice Day And Night, And Make Everything Right That Goes Around Me. Happy Birthday To That Boyfriend.


Happy birthday my dearest boyfriend. You made it so easy to smile and be happy around you, every hour of the day and every single day. I love you, my dear.


The purest love comes from a loyal and joyful heart. You have that heart and 5 years ago, you made a room for me in it. Happy birthday my dearest boyfriend.


Wishing a Happy Birthday to the most charming, funny, attractive and rocking personality in town. Have a great day


There are two moments I want to be with you one is now and another is forever. Happy Birthday, dear!!


I know you have enough breath to blow out your candles because you take mine away every day.


It’s been a long time since we are together, but I want to love you more than ever before because I am so happy on your birthday today.


My dear boyfriend, you are the most important for me and for my life. I want you to know you are like my world. When you are upset, I am like still sea but when you are happy, I am like happy mornings. I’m so joyful to be your girlfriend. Happy birthday my love.


You know, you’re really annoying and it makes me hate myself because I still love you. Kidding. That’s part of your charm, right? Happy birthday, baby.


Happy birthday to the most wonderful and funniest boyfriend in the whole universe!


Birthday welcome to the delight and the adoration for my life! Wishing you the most astounding and exceptional unique day!


They say it’s the thought that counts. So I thought I’d save my money instead of buying you a gift. Best wishes, happy birthday!


 My life has gotten so much better since I met you. Today on your birthday I want to tell you just how thankful I am for your positive influence on me. I adore you!


Let your Birthday be full of love and happiness, just as our relationship is


The way you look at me makes me feel so loved and special. I want to feel that forever. Happy birthday to my boyfriend!


Thank you so much for holding me whenever I am falling. Thanks for lending me your shoulder whenever I needed it. Thanks for making me laugh when there was no reason for me to smile. You are the foundation for my happy life and I can do nothing without you. Have a great birthday and many more such wonderful days.


I am ready to share anything, but not the love that you and I have for each other.


My love, thank you for treating me like a princess. On your birthday, I just wanted to thank you for being my knight in shining armor. Thank you for saving me from life’s adversities and for always making me feel special in your own way. Happy birthday!


You are a sweet, loving and caring boyfriend. I wish you always stay the same!


I can’t tell you how much I love you and how wonderful I feel when I’m with you, especially on your special day.


As A Second Passes My Love For You Also Raises, So, Let’s Celebrate The Special Day Where Love Gets Even Stronger Like You My Love! Happy Birthday, Lovely Boyfriend!


I may not be there in person, but know that my heart is always with you, even more so on this joyful day. Happy birthday my dear.


Long-distance or side by side, I will always wish you the best when this special day comes. Happy birthday handsome – I hope that my gifts have arrived at you in time.


If I could put my heart on paper and ink for you, I would have done it. Not because I’m crazy, but to show you how much I love you. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!


 I don’t know why I fell for you but it happened and I love you more than myself now … I don’t know why you love me but I hope this is for all the right reasons. I love you.. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday dear!!


Happy Birthday to God’s greatest creation. As far as I’m concerned, you’re perfect in every way.


To this amazing, handsome guy I am saying “Happy Birthday” with all my heart!


When I fall you supported me when I rise you supported me. You have always supported me. Thanks, everything. My bright light, my sun, my morning. Happy birthday, I will always love you.


There’s not enough kisses and cuddles in the world to express how much I love you, birthday boy. Happy birthday, baby! Have a great one.


I am so excited to celebrate your birthday. You deserve all the attention, treats and romance that will come your way. I love you, babe!


 I just want to say happy birthday to the best boyfriend in the world. You mean everything to me. Till death does us part.

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Loving you is like a wonderful adventure. The more I learn about you, the more deeply I fall in love with you. Happy Birthday, Darling!


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